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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-29A 1 Year Child with Hydrocephalus: A Case ReportMendhe, Deeplata; Kanholkar, Divyani; Sharma, Ranjana; Gomase, Kavita; Wanjari, Mayur
2020-01-1110H-Pyrazino[2,3-b][1,4]benzotellurazine, a Novel Tellurium-Containing Heterocyclic SystemSmith, Diamond S.; Alexis, Dallas N.; Fronczek, Frank R.; Junk, Thomas
-1st virtual EXCELSIOR International Technical Workshop - Welcome Note & Introduction-
2021-12-14A 2 Years Child Bronchopneumonia with Down SyndromeYelne, Seema; Wanjari, Mayur; Rodge, Hina; Alwadkar, Sagar; Wankhede, Pratibha; Mendhe, Deeplata
2021-11-27A 2 Years Girls with Nephroblastoma: A Case ReportMendhe, Deeplata; Jiwane, Achal; Sharma, Ranjana; Wanjari, Mayur
2019-10-092-Oxiranyl-pyridines: Synthesis and Regioselective Epoxide Ring Openings with Chiral Amines as a Route to Chiral LigandsWosińska-Hrydczuk, Marzena; Skarżewski, Jacek
2021-11-122019-nCoV2: An Overview of Awareness about Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases and Sustainable Development: A Retrospective and Cross-sectional StudyGuetat, Arbi; S. Alshrari, Ahmed; Chebbi, Taha; T. Abdelwahab, Abdelrhman; A. Abdelfattah, Marwa; S. Alenazi, Ahmed; Al-Ghamdi, Faraj
2021-09-18360°-Based Virtual Field Trips to Waterworks in Higher EducationWolf, Mario; Wehking, Florian; Montag, Michael; Söbke, Heinrich
2021-09-18360°-Based Virtual Field Trips to Waterworks in Higher EducationWolf, Mario; Wehking, Florian; Montag, Michael; Söbke, Heinrich
2021-11-143D Hepatic Organoid-Based Advancements in LIVER Tissue EngineeringPanwar, Amit; Das, Prativa; Poh Tan, Lay
2021-10-253D Liquid Marble Microbioreactors Support In Vitro Maturation of Prepubertal Ovine Oocytes and Affect Expression of Oocyte-Specific FactorsBebbere, Daniela; Mario Nieddu, Stefano; Ariu, Federica; Piras, Davide; Ledda, Sergio
2021-11-183D Numerical Study of the Impact of Macro-Roughnesses on a Tidal Turbine, on Its Performance and Hydrodynamic WakeRobin, Ilan; Bennis, Anne-Claire; Dauvin, Jean-Claude
2021-12-083D Series Metal Complexes Containing Schiff Base Ligand with 2,2'-Bipyridine: Synthesis, Characterization and Assessment of Antifungal ActivityKpomah, B.; Ugbune, U.; E. Idu, T.
2021-11-196 Minute Walk Test (6-MWT) as a Tool for Predicting Post Operative Pulmonary Complications in Abdominal SurgeriesJanani, K.; Rajkumaran, K.; Niranjani, S.
-A Comparative Assessment of the Methods-of-Moments for Estimating the Correlation Length of One-Dimensional Random Fields-
-A Comparative Study about Data Structures Used for Efficient Management of Voxelised Full-Waveform Airborne LiDAR Data during 3D Polygonal Model Creation-
-A cross-resolution, spatiotemporal geostatistical fusion model for combining satellite image time-series of different spatial and temporal resolutions#NODATA#; #NODATA#; #NODATA#
-A European-Scale Investigation of Soil Erosion Threat to Subsurface Archaeological Remains-
-A satellite ground station for maritime security-
-A Study of the Interaction of Human Smart Characteristics with Demographic Dynamics and Built Environment: The Case of Limassol, Cyprus-