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2013-10-07Convergence of Synapses, Endosomes, and Prions in the Biology of Neurodegenerative DiseasesGouras, Gunnar K.
2013-10-24Destroy and Exploit: Catalyzed Removal of Hydroperoxides from the Endoplasmic ReticulumRamming, Thomas; Appenzeller-Herzog, Christian
2013-10-26Prions Ex Vivo: What Cell Culture Models Tell Us about Infectious ProteinsKrauss, Sybille
2013-10-27U1 snRNP-Dependent Suppression of Polyadenylation: Physiological Role and Therapeutic Opportunities in CancerSpraggon, Lee; Cartegni, Luca
2013-11-12Small-Molecule Theranostic Probes: A Promising Future in Neurodegenerative DiseasesAulić, Suzana; Laura Bolognesi, Maria; Legname, Giuseppe
2013-11-13ER Dysfunction and Protein Folding Stress in ALSMatus, Soledad; Valenzuela, Vicente; Medinas, Danilo B.; Hetz, Claudio
2013-11-14The Mitochondrial Disulfide Relay System: Roles in Oxidative Protein Folding and BeyondFischer, Manuel; Riemer, Jan
2014-10-08Benthic Macroinvertebrates along the Haraz Downstream in Southern Caspian Sea Basin: In Gradient of the Physicochemical ParametersFaraz Ghasemi, Amir; Kamali, Morteza
2014-11-16The Female Reproductive Cycle of the Bedriaga Plate-Tailed Gecko, Teratoscincus bedriagai (Sauria: Gekkonidae) in IranMojibi, Fatemeh; Hojati, Vida
2014-11-19Behavioural Descriptions of Indian Pangolins (Manis crassicaudata) in CaptivityKumar Mohapatra, Rajesh; Panda, Sudarsan
2014-11-23Spermatogenic Waves and Expression of AR and ERs in Germ Cells of Podarcis siculaVerderame, Mariailaria; Angelini, Francesco; Limatola, Ermelinda
2015-01-12Larval Development of the European Lobster and How Small Heterochronic Shifts Lead to a More Pronounced MetamorphosisRötzer, Marie A. I. N.; Haug, Joachim T.
2015-02-08Ecological Niche Modeling of Seventeen Sandflies Species (Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae) from VenezuelaSanchez, Iomar; Liria, Jonathan; Dora Feliciangeli, María
2015-09-07Exploiting Scanning Behavior for Predators Can Reduce Rice Damage Caused by BirdsHonda, Takeshi
2015-11-03Seeing Is Feeding for the Frugivorous Bird Brown-Eared Bulbul (Microscelis amaurotis)Honda, Takeshi; Tsuboi, Jun-ichi; Kuwata, Hiroshi
2015-11-23The Male Reproductive Cycle of the Spotted Toad-Headed Agama, Phrynocephalus maculatus, in IranRahmani, Soheila; Hojati, Vida
2016-03-02Influenza A Virus and Influenza B Virus Can Induce Apoptosis via Intrinsic or Extrinsic Pathways and Also via NF-κB in a Time and Dose Dependent MannerEl-Sayed, Ibrahim; Bassiouny, Khalid; Nokaly, Aziz; Abdelghani, Ahmed S.; Roshdy, Wael
2016-03-03Biosensors in Health Care: The Milestones Achieved in Their Development towards Lab-on-Chip-AnalysisPatel, Suprava; Nanda, Rachita; Sahoo, Sibasish; Mohapatra, Eli
2016-03-10Characterization of Jamaican Delonix regia and Cassia fistula Seed ExtractsGoldson Barnaby, Andrea; Reid, Raymond; Rattray, Vaughn; Williams, Ruth; Denny, Marcel
2016-03-15Physical Training Status Determines Oxidative Stress and Redox Changes in Response to an Acute Aerobic ExerciseSeifi-skishahr, Farnaz; Damirchi, Arsalan; Farjaminezhad, Manoochehr; Babaei, Parvin